Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Comics of the Day (On time edition!!!)


This is basically a visual strip, but the visual is very poorly drawn. I stared at this this for several minutes before I realized that Jeremy's cheeks had stretched out. Even when I got the joke, it isn't very funny. And what is up with the phrase "math cheeks?" A bad strip all around, which is unusual for Zits, as it's generally closer to the good end of the spectrum.
Runners up: Mother Goose & Grimm, Red and Rover, Family Circus, For Better or For Worse, Dennis the Menace (Calvin and Hobbes did this same joke, only much better; it's sad when you're ripping off a strip that's younger than your own)
Very much a role reversal today. Zits, which is generally good, wins worst, Beetle Bailey, which is usually bad, wins best. This strip is a little awkward, because you would expect the garbage dump to stink, and because I have a hard time picturing any of my grandparents saying "don't go there," but the punchline was cute, and the competition wasn't very stiff today.
Runners Up: Single and Looking & Agnes (both way cooler than my Halloween costume), Non-Sequiter (if Danae weren't about ten and a comic strip character, I would marry her), Frank and Ernest

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