Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lazy Edition (Apr. 21)

Jim Davis' writers obviously ran out of ideas. It's not cool when you reference your own strip in a joke.

Runners-up: Argyle Sweater, Baby Blues, Blondie, Brewster Rockit: Space Guy!, Dennis the Menace, Family Circus, Frank and Ernest, Mother Goose and Grimm, Non Sequiter, Pickles, Red and Rover, Rhymes with Orange, Sally Forth, Speed Bump

Not a really strong day. Imagining the sound effects was kind of fun.

Runners-up: Pearls Before Swine, Single and Looking

Is Cul de Sac the Second Best Strip in the Post? Edition (Apr. 20)


Runners-up: Argyle Sweater, Baldo, Blondie, Foxtrot, Garfield, Prickly City, Zits

The characters and writing of Cul de Sac compare favorably to any other strip. Alice and Petey are never dull. I think the Post should add Cul de Sac to its every day line-up.

Runners-up: Agnes, Brewster Rockit: Space Guy!, Dilbert, Frazz, Get Fuzzy, Mutts, Opus, Sherman's Lagoon, Single and Looking

Historical Innacuracy Edition (Apr. 9)

What really bothered me about this joke is that Native Americans were usually either hunter/gatherers or farmers, so they didn't have a pay day. Even if they did, it's a really bad pun.

Runners-up: Beetle Bailey, Blondie, Close to Home, Daddy's Home, Family Circus, For Better or For Worse, Frank and Ernest, Garfield, Hagar the Horrible, Red and Rover, Rhymes with Orange, Zits

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Darby Conley's rendering of old comic scripts. Conley uses language as well as any artist in the paper.

Runners-up: Agnes, Dennis the Menace, Pearls Before Swine, Piranha Club, Pooch Cafe

Torturous Edition (Apr. 6)

I think this might be the worst strip so far this year. All it is is horrible puns of celebrity names combined with bad art.

Runners-up: Blondie, Daddy's Home, Garfield, Zits

When the characters are good, the jokes flow naturally. Love the visual of Bucky with the ice cream carton.

Runners-up: Agnes, Beetle Bailey, Candorville, Cul de Sac, Foxtrot, Frazz, Hagar the Horrible, Lio, Mutts, Pearls Before Swine, Single and Looking, Speed Bump

Poop Joke Edition (Apr. 5)

This dog and cat combo really annoy me. The dog is meant to be stupid and the cat cranky and cynical, but it's poorly done. There are a lot of more interesting anthropomorphic animals in the comics.

Runners-up: Hagar the Horrible, Mother Goose and Grimm, On the Fastrack, Prickly City

Yes, it's a poop joke, but it's a funny poop joke.

Runners-up: Agnes, Big Nate, Daddy's Home, Dilbert, Frazz, Lio, Pearls Before Swine, Pooch Cafe, Zits

Clever? Edition (Apr. 2)

We've seen this joke a million times before.

Runners-up: Beetle Bailey, Brevity, Daddy's Home, For Better or For Worse, Frank and Ernest, Garfield, Hagar the Horrible, Mother Goose and Grimm, Rhymes with Orange, Zits


Runners-up: Big Nate, Dilbert, Frazz, Lio