Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Comics of the Day

Worst: What bothers me about this strip is the fact that Connie seems upset about spoiling Jeremy. But of course she has agency in this problem. If she pampers her kid too much, she must accept that he is going to expect to be pampered. Any kid old enough to get a learner's permit is old enough to handle his own water. The comics are rife with poor parenting.

Runners-up: Family Circus (the split dialogue is very awkward, Dolly looks like a complete idiot), Hagar the Horrible, Blondie, Red and Rover, Rhymes with Orange, Mother Goose and Grimm, Close to Home, Beetle Bailey, For Better or For Worse, Tank MacNamara (if an outfield did nothing well but made no mistakes, they could be average), Agnes

No comic really jumped out at me today, but this is my winner. I'm intrigued by the potential plot developments here. BD once thought about having an affair with Melissa. Could Garry Trudeau be revisiting that idea? Might BD become a therapist? Am I reading to much into this? Anyway, I found BD's response in panel four to be kind of sweet. In general, I don't think Doonesbury has gotten enough love on my blog because it's often not that funny. But it excels in character development and storytelling. It's definitely one of the better strips out there.

Runners-up: Get Fuzzy, Pooch Cafe, Curtis (I like the weather and warrants permitting line), Dennis the Menace (not bad today, which exceeds expectations, so it earns a runner-up nod)

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