Friday, April 18, 2008

Make it Stop Edition (Apr. 18)

We had a lot of bad puns today but this one might have been the worst. Frank and Ernest gave it a good run though, and the spousal abuse in Hagar the Horrible made this quite a good day for worst strip candidates.

Runners-up: Baby Blues (complaining about a lifestyle choice is unfair), Baldo (reader submitted comics=mailing it in), Beetle Bailey, Blondie, Daddy's Home, Dennis the Menace, Frank and Ernest, Hagar the Horrible, Mother Goose and Grimm, Red and Rover, Rhymes with Orange

The incongruity of the old comic lines is rather enjoyable.

Runners-up: Agnes, Big Nate, Candorville (Darrin Bell demonstrates the proper way to do a technology joke), Dilbert, Mutts, Piranha Club, Pooch Cafe, Watch Your Head

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