Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Comics of the Day

Worst: Mother Goose and Grimm wins again. Is this the worst comic in the Post? I would have guessed Hagar the Horrible or Blondie; while they're certainly bad, they don't seem to be this bad. This strip in particular is built around a poop joke (humor at its lowest form) and an absurd situation (humor at its third lowest form). All we're missing is a pun and we'd hit the bad humor trifecta.

Runners-up: Frank and Ernest, Garfield, Family Circus, Rhymes with Orange, The Piranha Club, Zits


This, by contrast, is an example of good comedy. The humor is driven by the characters. Poncho's attitude and willingness to cause trouble create the joke.

Runners-up: Watch Your Head, Candorville, Sherman's Lagoon, Beetle Bailey, Lio, Mutts, Brewster Rockit: Space Guy!, Blondie

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