Thursday, November 29, 2007


First, it's not a particularly funny joke, and like most jokes in the Circus, it's dependent on the kids being stupid. Second, I always find the split dialogue to be really awkward. Having part of the dialogue spoken in the art and part in the caption really ruins the timing for me. I suppose that's one of the challenges of a single panel strip.

Runners-up: None today, I felt everything was at least mediocre.


I liked today's Dilbert, which is unusual. The glory days of this strip are past I fear. I have a brother who reminds me of Wally in this cartoon. He's an engineer, and has limited fashion sense. So if he is doing something (for instance growing his hair long), it makes me reconsider that as a fashion possibility.

Runners-up: Lio, Brewster Rockit: Space Guy! (I liked the visual), Pearls Before Swine

Random Note: The joke in Rhymes with Orange was bad as usual, but what saved this for me was the details in the visual. The torn up curtains and plant and the tally marks scratched in the wall were nice touches.

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